Pre Inspection Check List

  • Do all the pool gates open away from the pool?
  • Is the top of the gate latch 1500mm from the ground?
  • When the gate is closed, is it securely locked or does it pull free easily?
  • Does the gate self close from any position in its full arc of operation?
  • Are the hinges 900mm apart? Or capped if less than 900mm apart?
  • Is the gap under the fence less than 100mm?
  • Is there a clear 300mm on the inside of the fence?
  • Are all components on the gate and fence tight and secure? (Including hinges, screws, latches & rails)
  • Are there any gaps in the fence greater than 100mm?
  • Can you create a gap in the fence greater than 105mm when you squeeze 2 rails together with 15kg of force?
  • Are there any windows or louvers that provide access to the pool enclosure with gaps greater than 100mm?
  • Is the fence a minimum 1200mm in height?
  • Are there any climbable tree branches or stumps within 900mm of the outside of the fence?
  • Are there any pot plants or climbable objects against the fence on either side?
  • Are there any horizontal footholds on the fence greater than 10mm wide?
  • Are the rails on the boundary fence more then 900mm from the top of the pool fence?
  • Do you have a current CPR sign displayed that is unobstructed, clearly visible & undamaged?

Download our Pre-Inspection, Pool Safety Check-list